Our three, independently run services provide a high standard of professionalism and care, all of which hold their own United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) accreditation. Delivered by an exceptionally skilled and very approachable team.

Welding Procedure & Qualification Testing

Accredited independent third party inspection services across the UK and worldwide.


Non-Destructive Testing

Comprehensive Non-Destructive Testing for weldments and metallic materials including detailed reports.


Mechanical Testing

Tests in our state of the art labratory are UKAS accredited and our reports meet all ISO 17025 requirements.


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14-12-2017 -

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07-12-2017 -

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Blog - Office Move Party

30-11-2017 -

With winter well and truly here and dare I say it the start of Christmas, there is definitely an air of excitement here in the brand-new Code A Weld office. With Christmas tunes starting to become more regular on the radio and our secret Santa's chosen (Shh! It's a secret!), a big priority is of course the Code A Weld Christmas tree....