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12th October 2017 - Rachael - 0 comments
Blog - Welcome to Code A Weld


Hello everyone and welcome to the first official Code A Weld Blog. What you can find here is a more personal view of this professional business, giving you the inside scoop on a weekly basis written by myself and with the input of my colleagues and even the Managing Director at times! Expect to find everything from the day to day goings on, staff profiles and our thoughts and feelings on current news from Code A Weld and the outside welding world.

I thought a great way to start this blog is to let you know a little bit about me. My name is Rachael and I have been a member of the admin team for over 3 years now. My idea to create this blog is based on a feeling that in a world where often I do not understand the welding lingo, I wish to break that barrier and communicate with everyone from large corporate companies, the self-employed welder and anybody who happens to come across this blog purely because they have a passion and interest in reading business blogs. What I can tell you about Code A Weld and what I tell anyone who asks me, is that this company feels very much like a tight knit family - disagreements included! Here you will find an office connected by family and great friendships which makes for an interesting office dynamic to say the least! Due to this, I find we all share the same passion, drive and commitment into making Code A Weld strive.

With many exciting times coming up over the next few months including the relocation to a purpose built, fully equipped office and laboratory space, one colleague returning from her honeymoon whilst another is on countdown to his big day and the recent purchase of 2 new company vehicles there is so much to share with you all!

So for now, have a good browse of our website and social media and next week look forward to reading about Code A Weld and what we, as a business, have to offer; in layman's terms of course!

In the meantime any questions you may have or you just simply want to say hi, then please feel free to comment below.

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