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23rd September 2016 - - 0 comments
EDF Energy Meeting

Code A Weld was invited to attend a conference at EDF Barnwood yesterday for the launch of the EDF Energy Nuclear Generation Supplier Quality Requirements Manual. Our Head of Inspection Adam Gould attended the event and came back impressed with what he heard.

'We are on the verge of the biggest project in Europe and it is one which will attract global attention. The event yesterday highlighted the importance of all things quality. The biggest message I will take away with me from yesterday is the importance of communication at all levels. The entire Industry need to move away from a blame culture and understand that by adopting an attitude of sharing information, improving communication and being open and honest on all topics will only help in eliminating RISK. I was intrigued to watch the short video on Counterfeiting within Industry (, we must not bury our heads in the sand regarding this, it is a problem we ALL face, the first step is simply recognising it. Sadly, at this moment in time I believe it is a topic that is almost seen as a point of amusement in some quarters. The conference was extremely interesting, it was a great chance to network with other Quality Grade 1 and 2 suppliers and I look forward to helping Code A Weld meet the demands that the new builds will bring'.

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