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16th May 2014 - - 0 comments

Q. Thank you for explaining that if our welders did multi-run fillets this would cover them for single run fillets, but I see that you have also quoted for Single run fillets to box in both MMA & MAG (Weld Procedure testing to BSENISO 15613:2004)

Is this required?

A. Unfortunately both are required: Range of Qualification in BS EN ISO 15614 governs what you can do. In here it sets out ranges for single and multi run based on the materials thickness. In this instance for a fillet weld you become restricted on throat thickness for a single run, where as for a multi run there is no restriction.

However, table 10 in BS EN 287-1:2011 states that a multi layer will cover single layer but not vice versa.

Therefore in this instance you will need to run single and multi run procedures but the welders will only need to qualify to the multi run.

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