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3rd October 2014 - - 0 comments

This week our Technical Q&A of the week comes from the Inspection Team!

Q. I need a welding procedure done and the job is going to be over seen by Det Norske Veritas (D.N.V.). Can Code A Weld come and run a WPQR that is D.N.V. approved?

A. Code A Weld are a recognised third party organization (RTPO). Just because the job is being over seen by D.N.V., you do not need a D.N.V. WPQR. All you need is a RTPO to witness and produce the WPQR. This could be someone like RSA, Zurich, Code A Weld, TUV etc. We believe D.N.V. can have no legitimate reason to prohibit this.

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