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28th March 2014 - - 0 comments

Q. I have written my WPS's off the back of a qualified WPQR using the full range of approval stated. But my customer has rejected it for the following reason. Are they correct?

"Your 12mm Multi run 135 process Group 1 steel S355J2+N WPQR will not work on 3mm. Please summit another WPS."

A. In theory and on paper your BS EN ISO 15614-1: 2004 + A2: 2012 Butt weld WPQR will cover materials down to 3mm in thickness. However, as this is a multi run WPQR it will only provide cover to weld multi run joints. Your customer has a valid point and it is unrealistic that the parameters recorded will be appropriate for 3mm thick material. The heat inputs would need re visiting to ensure they stay within the range qulified by your WPQR, it is anticipated that they may be far to high to weld 3mm!  If you think the heat inputs are achievable and you can weld a thickness of 3mm using multiple passes, our suggeston would be to produce a trial test piece sample and send it to a UKAS laboratory for full NDT and mechanical testing.

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