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27th April 2015 - - 0 comments

Last Week I flew to Dubai with Qatar Airways. This was not originally the intention as I am a BA (British Airways) frequent flyer. I was trying to book with them, but through their One World alliance they offered me Qatar Airways.

We have all seen their fantastic adverts on the T.V. – at the moment they are running one featuring F.C Barcelona. Over the years I have covered quite a few thousand miles up in the sky. I have flown with pretty much all the major airlines, but this was an altogether different experience.

As I often do when travelling, I was thinking about our business at Code A Weld and how it compares to Qatar Airways. In theory, quality airlines are much of a muchness. They usually provide great facilities at airports, the standard of the aircraft is usually very good and they will generally be very modern. The food will be as good as it can be for airline food, and the seats are all very similar, as are the entertainment systems.

There is a difference here though, because Qatar Airways is the best airline I have ever flown with. What makes them unique is the people that operate it. They are truly amazing. They care about you, the customer, in a way I have never experienced before. They are so very nice and they are extremely attentive to your every need. Quite frankly, the service is incredible.

It made me think. Theoretically speaking, testing companies are also much of a muchness. The buildings, the laboratory equipment, vehicles, accreditation, reports etc. are all quite similar.

However, we are different, because we at Code A Weld have all of the above and an absolutely exceptional staff. Within the testing industry, our level of service is second to none. Just like at Qatar Airways, it’s the people at Code A Weld that really make the difference.

David Millington

Managing Director, Code A Weld 

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