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How Can You Progress Your Welding Career?

Some firms prefer to recruit welders with a diploma and hands-on experience with soldering, brazing and welding. Other companies are more than happy to take on apprentices. There are various types of welding that you can learn to give your welding career a boost, these include: MIG Welding – This is known as one of…

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What Are The Best Industries For Welding Jobs?

Welding is an extremely valuable and sought after skill. Almost every industry requires some form of welding, meaning that welders are spoilt for choice when deciding on an area to specialise in. Here at Code A Weld, we have detailed a few industries that are great when it comes to welding jobs. Please check them…


How Important Are Welders To The Community?

Due to the physically demanding nature of the work, not everyone is cut out to be a welder. That being said, it’s an extremely important profession that is always in demand. It is essential to many facets of our daily life, and numerous industries, including the construction and automotive sectors, require welding. Without welders, a…

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Why Choose Code A Weld For Your Welding Qualifications?

Qualifications With Code A Weld We at Code A Weld offer a range of welding qualifications for those looking to get certified. But what is it exactly that makes us a great place for individuals to achieve their relevant welding licenses? Before we answer this question we are first going to take you through two…

Welding Hazards

How To Avoid Welding Hazards

The Hazards Of Welding Here at Code A Weld, you don’t need us to tell you that welding is a fantastic career choice. However, it does come with its risks and in this blog post, we are going to look at some of the major welding hazards and how they can be avoided. Electrical Hazards…

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Welding PPE – How To Stay Safe Whilst Welding

Welding PPE Over the past few years, you have probably heard the abbreviation ‘PPE’ more often than you would have liked but in welding, PPE has always been present. PPE, short for personal protective equipment, is designed to keep the wearers safe and in an industry like welding, it is crucial that it is worn…

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How To Get Young People Into Welding

Decreasing Number Of Welders Over the past few years the number of welders, not just in the UK but globally, has been steadily declining. This is an issue that needs to be resolved as welding is an essential skill that many businesses and organisations need. So, we at Code A Weld thought that it would…

Welding Transferable Skills

Transferable Skills That You Will Gain As A Welder

Welding Skills As we’re sure you’re aware, the job of a welder is much more than simply joining materials together, many skills have to be mastered in order to be a success within the welding industry. A high proportion of these skills are also transferable to other walks of life so in this blog post,…


Why Welding Is A Great Career Option

Background At Code A Weld, we are currently looking to hire a NDT Technician so if you feel that you are suited to this role then please do get in touch to find out more about this fantastic welding opportunity.  Whilst what we are advertising for here is a higher level position we would still…

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Code A Weld – Who We Are & What We Do

Who Are We? At Code A Weld, we provide a fully comprehensive welding service. This includes everything from surveillance to inspection and certification to testing. Our team are highly skilled and extremely professional, due to having years of experience under their belts. So, for any welding issues that you may have, contact us today at…