1- Rules on Use and Misuse of Certificates


a) The certificate indicates that the holder demonstrated an acceptable level of competence by means of the examination described on the date indicated and using a particular set of equipment.

b) The certificate is only valid:

i) For the period indicated

ii) If all fees have been paid

iii) If it is signed (digital or other) by a Code A Weld Examiner

iv) If the holder complies with any additional requirements to ensure validity is maintained

c) Holders or employers must neither obtain nor use certificates, and the Code A Weld logo, including their use by third parties, in a manner that may be dishonest or fraudulent. In order to use the logo, specific permission must be sought from Code A Weld Holdings Ltd.

d) Holders must not use the certification in such a manner as to bring the certification body, Code A Weld Holdings Ltd, into disrepute, and must not make any statement regarding the certification which Code A Weld Holdings Ltd may consider misleading or unauthorised.

e) Holders must discontinue the use of all claims to certification that contain any reference to Code A Weld Holdings Ltd or certification upon suspension or withdrawal of certification, and return any certificates issued by Code A Weld Holdings Ltd.

2- Penalties for the misuse of Certificates

The penalty for proven misuse of a certificate is invalidation of the certificate. In addition, sanctions are normally applied on the period of time before a candidate is eligible to apply for a new certificate. Publication of the transgression may also occur. Any misuse which appears to be an infringement of the law will result in the matter being reported to the employer and, where appropriate, to the relevant law enforcement agency.

Guidelines on the use and misuse of certificates

a) Photocopies of certificates are not acceptable to Code A Weld Holdings Ltd.

b) Certificates are valuable documents which should be kept in a safe place.

c) It is required that certificate holders keep records of work activity and other details (where applicable).



If anyone has a problem with verification, please email us at Code A Weld ( and we will look into the matter for you.

Legitimate certificate holders should always ensure that their own certificate is in a safe and not accessible to opportunists who try to falsify certificates.

We understand that many certificate holders wish to demonstrate their competence to current or future employers by posting the certificate on social media sites such as LinkedIn; however, if you wish to confirm your compliance with an employer, please direct them to Code A Weld Holdings Ltd. Do not post copies online.

Please be advised that the uploading of certificates online is a breach of our code of conduct, as it is misuse of the certificate, and ultimately could result in its withdrawal.

By posting your certificate online, you are enabling those who would falsify certificates. These falsifications are damaging to Code A Weld Holdings Ltd, and by association, the certification you have achieved.

Anyone discovered falsifying (or knowingly aiding in the falsification of) a certificate is immediately reported to the police.


It is important that vigilance and care is taken when signing documents. It is important to make clear what is being confirmed by the signature. For example, it may be simply to verify a photocopy, or it may be to prolong a welder approval. In cases such as the latter, it is important to ensure that the terms for prolongation as required by the standard in force are satisfied. If the signature merely verifies a photocopy, it would be normal practice to annotate the document to make that clear.