Our mechanical testing services cover a wide range of requirements, such as for raw or parent materials, completed components, production samples and qualification test samples. We use industry-recognised methods to deliver accurate results, with all of our tests carried out by an accredited laboratory.

Mechanical testing is one of the most essential elements of the manufacturing process. The primary goal is to ascertain that products are completely safe. It’s an important part of attaining cost-effective designs, superiority, and technological evolution. We ensure that you can enjoy these benefits by delivering a high-quality and bespoke service. Our professionals are trained to rely on state-of-the-art mechanical testing equipment for both metallic and non-metallic testing services. Our custom-built facility makes it even easier to work and deliver independent, accurate, and confidential test results. Regardless of your requirements, we will adhere to the highest mechanical testing standards.

We Offer a Full Range of Mechanical Testing Services

A modern, fully equipped laboratory enables macroscopic and microscopic examinations. All equipment and machines are either annually calibrated by a UKAS-accredited calibration company or calibrated using in house methods. We perform an in house check daily to ensure continued rigorous compliance with quality standards.

Our mechanical testing services include tensile testing, bend testing, hardness and impact testing, corrosion testing, fracture testing, positive material identification (PMI) and chemical analysis (not UKAS-accredited).

Tensile Testing

We utilise the latest methods in our tensile testing lab to ascertain that raw materials meet strength and ductility specifications. You can avoid future issues in production processes when trusting Code a Weld to carry out your mechanical testing.

Fatigue Testing

Once you bring your materials in our mechanical testing laboratory, we will do everything to develop a fatigue strength curve that defines their ability to resist cyclic loading over fluctuating stress. You will be able to comfortably trust that a component can perform to the estimated life expectancy.

Stress Rapture

We are one of the best service providers in the UK if you want to prevent product failure. Our insights are enough to reveal the impact of long-term stress on materials.

Failure investigations

Our failure investigations are tailored to meet your exact specifications. We test failed weldments, parent materials and components using a variety of methods to suit the sample being investigated. We mostly carry out macro and micro examinations on a cross section of the failed area using both high and low power microscopes to investigate causes such as lack of weld fusion. We also perform chemical analysis to determine if a parent material or weld metal complies with production or service requirements.

We provide comprehensive laboratory reports, which cover all the elements you specify and include full details of test stages as well as photographic evidence.

Mechanical Tests

  • ASTM A262 Practice C corrosion tests*

  • ASTM A262 Practice E corrosion tests*

  • ASTM A370 Charpy V notch impact tests (-56°C to -195°C)*

  • ASTM A370 Charpy V notch impact tests (+20°C to -55°C & 196°C)
  • ASTM E23 Charpy V notch impact tests (-56°C to -195°C)*
  • ASTM E23 Charpy V notch impact tests (+20°C to -55°C & 196°C)
  • ASTM G48 corrosion tests
  • Bend testing (ASME and BS)
  • Bend tests (face, root and side bends)
  • Brinell hardness testing*
  • BS Charpy V notch impact tests (+20°C to -55°C & 196°C)
  • BS Charpy V notch impact tests (-56°C to -195°C)*
  • Chemical analysis*
  • Elevated temperature tensile tests*
  • Failure investigations*
  • Ferrite point counting
  • Fracture testing (fillet weld or butt weld fractures)
  • Microscopic examination (grain size and phases)*
  • HV10 Vickers hardness survey
  • HV5 Vickers hardness survey
  • HV30 Vickers hardness survey
  • IZOD test*
  • Macroscopic examinations (including photomacrographs)
  • Micro hardness testing*
  • Microscopic examination for weld defects
  • OES spark chemical analysis (Not UKAS Accredited)
  • Photography (Not UKAS Accredited)
  • Positive Material Identification (PMI) (Not UKAS Accredited)
  • Push/compression testing (Not UKAS Accredited)
  • Rockwell C hardness survey*
  • Room temperature longitudinal tensile tests (0.2% proof stress, 0.5% yield strength, UTS, reduction of area and % elongation)
  • Room temperature longitudinal tensile tests (UTS, reduction of area and % elongation only)
  • Room temperature transverse tensile tests (0.2% proof stress, 0.5% yield strength, UTS, reduction of area and % elongation)
  • Room temperature transverse tensile tests (UTS, reduction of area and % elongation only)
  • Through thickness tensile test
  • Weld decay bend testing*

*Mechanical Testing carried out by a UKAS accredited Third Party Test House

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