Radiographic Testing Procedure

At Code a Weld, we strive to offer expert radiography inspection services that benefit our customers giving them peace of mind knowing that they are working with top-quality products. To keep up with technological innovations, we have invested in a brand new fully equipped X-ray facility that helps us carry out this task with precision. This allows our experienced and passionate radiographers to get a volumetric image of a forging, weldment, or casting that cannot be viewed in any other way. Our company offers a wide range of radiographic services both in house and on-site using our innovative and highly effective radiographic facility. If you want an X-ray weld inspection or any other related services, our company should be your top pick.

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What Is Radiography Inspection?

Radiography Inspection is a more advanced Non-Destructive Testing method, being able to detect internal discontinuities in both Welds and Castings, making this ideal for looking at the integrity of a weld joint. By placing the object or weld underneath the x-ray set at 90 degrees and taking an x-ray image is the most common set up, after which the film needs to be developed either manually or automatic within a dark room. Once the image has been developed, it can be viewed with a specialist light viewer. The Radiographer/Interpreter must then accept or reject the object or weld according to the acceptance standard which is being used.

How You Benefit

  • Fully trained and competent Radiographers with excellent knowledge of both British & American Standards.
  • Fully equipped and brand-new x-ray facility built in February 2018 which uses the industries best and newest equipment.
  • A Radiograph is a permanent record with no discrepancies of results and can be held for 20 years!
  • Working under PCN level 3 procedures and guidance, we pride ourselves on the quality of our work.
  • Full compliance with legal and government regulations.
Radiography Inspection

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    The Highest Quality Radiography Inspection Services

    Top-Quality Work

    The primary reason to partner with Code a Weld is that we are committed to offering premium services you cannot easily get elsewhere. We have mastered radiographic testing ndt procedures to deliver exceptional services to all our clients. We work under PCN level 3 guidance and procedures to always produce top-notch work. You will also be happy to learn that we are compliant with all government and legal regulations. Our radiographic facility is the best when it comes to detecting any internal discontinuities in Castings and Welds. Our radiographer will place the weld or object you need inspected underneath an X-ray Set and use a specialist light viewer to study the image produced. The expert will then accept or reject the weld or object according to the acceptable standards. Keep in mind that the radiograph you get from us is a permanent record you can hold for two decades as it does not have any discrepancies.


    Speedy Services

    All our esteemed clients benefit from fast services allowing you to proceed with your project without delays. Our team of competent and fully trained radiographers have knowledge of both British and American Standards. They are able to handle any project regardless of size with a quick turnaround. We take about 3-5 days to complete the task. Where possible, we can complete some tests in 24 hours if time is not on your side and you make prior arrangements. The professionals work closely with the Health and Safety Executive to conduct correct and safe radiography Inspection.


    Services for Different Industries

    We offer radiographic weld inspection services to different industries. In the numerous years we have been in the industry, our company has come to understand the varying needs of our clients from sectors such as Aviation, Nuclear, General Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Construction, and Power Generation amongst others.


    Competitive Prices

    You need not worry about paying extortionate prices when seeking inspection services. We offer affordable rates for all our services including the radiography inspection of pipe welds.

    Code a Weld has a proven track record of success and achievement in radiographic weld inspection and other NDT services. Contact us today for a quotation.

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